Performance and Capacity Engineer

Company Name:
Facebook, Inc.
Responsible for scaling Facebooks web capacity and identifying capacity-related issues. Work with Product Engineering, Infrastructure Engineering, and Data Engineering teams to find the optimal way to scale the infrastructure, which encompasses tens of billions of user requests, hundreds of peta bytes of data, and thousands of giga bps of network flow. Tackle the state of the art hardware performance issues as well as analyze and debug difficult server performance issues (latest in industry), identify bottlenecks, and optimize product/service performance to improve user experience. Solve the hardest software performance issues by working with software developers to improve code base performance (e.g. algorithm redesign), and reduce resource consumption and shorten request latency. Plan the largest server and datacenter capacity and own and drive overall Facebook capacity planning work for all different products/services and recommend DC expansion plan. Develop tools to monitor billions of user requests by writing monitoring, reporting, data-mining tools to do performance and capacity and related tests and analysis. Provide the deepest visibility to what is going on for all products. Run capacity and performance experiments to determine scaling and utilization parameters for various service tiers. Present performance and capacity roadmaps for critical project and cost analyses in presentation and written for monthly to executive teams. Work with financial analysts, operations and engineering to perform cutting-edge technologies investigation and cost analysis. Work with systems, network, application operations and engineering teams to discover resolutions.
Employer will accept a Masters degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Operations Research or related field, and 3 years of work experience in job offered or in a computer-related occupation.
Mail resume to address below. Must reference job code #3235 when applying.

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