Research Scientist

Company Name:
Facebook, Inc.
Research, design, and develop new optimization algorithms and techniques to improve the efficiency and performance of Facebooks platforms. Gather data for machine-learning training; train new ranking models and run experiments. Design and implement large-scale distributed software systems to serve large numbers of complex request simultaneously and without failure. Utilize research background in Python/C/C++, PHP, and SQL to design and code network, database, storage, concurrency and other systems. Create tools for migrating large bodies of user data across systems for new products, scalability efforts, and development of new core infrastructure. Use machine learning, statistics, and other data techniques to build algorithms. Collect, analyze, and interpret large volumes of interaction and user activity data.
Employer will accept a PhD degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or related field.
Mail resume to address below. Must reference job code#3241, when applying.

Don't Be Fooled

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